A poem for Duane Todman

Written by Kareem Ture and Adonis Richards

They say life!…… Ain’t about duration it’s about the donation you make to it for the next generation…. To inspire, need I remind ya…. At this time energy never dies it multiplies…… Transfers, I transform like metamorph to talk the course of this Black creators legacy as he motions through me, occupyin my bein…. soul to showcase what he bestowed that was great….. A creative genius that read in between the….. lines of a saturated world with ugly demons, only to still see it…… Beauty! Concocted, created comprehension… Dimensions… Painted with third eye stayin aligned to Basquiat in the midst of the madness, paint brush swayin, innovative dances on the canvas romancin viewers that looked on only to spawn convos that spiraled inquires of “how does he!?……” conform to his DNA he was manifested to attest to it….. tell his story through artistry….. Art was his passion…. Art was his practice….. Art is what he mastered…. for this day he stamps us with immortality….. Let him speak! Say his name!….. Todman his last…. First Duane. In honor of his legacy today we celebrate.

This is a celebration

Of a man who decorated

the world he called a canvas

With elegant and vibrant past times

This is the remembrance of a black man who

Educated through his swift strokes that put pictures to life

This is for all my black creators,

Remember a man who knew how to breathe life into something inadamant

Put color into black and white

As we join together to appreciate someone who challenged paradigms through meticulous and flagrant shifts with might

Let us rekindle our fires by reminiscing on what he brought to our eyes

A painter,

A black man,

A brother, a son

This back man used the gift god gave him through his black hands and took command of his destiny

And now his legacy lives on through our hearts and minds and now we visualize the mastery with the brush he left when he died

Duane Todman, was an amazing guy

That turned caterpillars into butterflies by imagining what it looked like to rise and putting that onto a canvas thus bringing dreams to life

I never knew him, but what I do know is he spoke fluent in a language I know too well

Black creation

Watch as we channel his animation into our new creations.

The spirit of the artist lives on through the challenges we’re facing

As we make our canvases we take a breath, and remember Duane Todman’s excellence

This is the decadence of a life built to express the world through illusionary swishes of a brush

Now let us illuminate the night with his love.

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