Glitter Things Creations hosts Pop up Shop in Schenectady

A celebration of culture and community occurred yesterday in the form of a pop-up shop in Schenectady, New York. Located at the pavilion in Central Park, Glitter Things creations, ran by Jamese Sheffield gathered a myriad of local small businesses to host a pop-up shop for community members to explore.

The event hosted roughly 8-9 different black and brown owned businesses that sold many different articles for people’s consumption. From food, to Beauty products, to clothing,to books, to spiritual items, this pop up shop revealed the large variety of talent that the Schenectady community possesses. From 12-4 pm on Friday September 11, people were capable of visiting this location to experience a sample size of the community of Schenectady through merchandise from the people of the area.

This is an exceptional display of what a small community can create and how the dollar can flow through a community when organized well. A lot of the business owners were experiencing the other owners and purchasing goods from each other. Buying and selling each others goods, circulating their own dollars to stimulate each other’s business, revealing how successful the black and brown community can be even in a microcosm. It is a social event that allows people to get out and see the beauty in their community through other’s creative processes.

When speaking to Jamese, she expressed her aspirations for this event as well as the reasoning behind orchestrating such a marvelous venture.

” to come support the local small businesses and see what they have to offer. Im hoping to attract more event’s like this I know alot of people want to get there brand out there have people recognize how hard we are all working behind closed doors”

Due to the fact that we are still currently facing a global pandemic, this event is perfect for getting people outside. It is a productive event that allows the human interactive experience through productive means as well as promotes local businesses within the black and brown community.

“try to put a smile on peoples faces in the community its a hard time right now not alot of places to go not alot of things to do get people out up and active trying to be social”

Jamese also expressed her desire for future events with this.

“I would like to promote more in the future let the right people know that now people ask the people what they want to see that would get them to come out and support there local small businesses. I witnessed a lot of networking and businesses supporting each other I was happy about that”

An opportunity for more events like this has presented itse;f with the success of this one. The ability to bring people together and promote positive energy as well as conduct business in a small community is paramount for the overall success of said community.

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