I Watched a Spider Not Kill a Fly Today

While sitting on the toilet

This morning I was taking my morning poop in my bathroom when I witnessed the most peculiar sight. I saw a spider not kill a fly today. I witnessed this extraordinary experience while enjoying my guilty pleasure getting lost in my thoughts and ambitions for the day without my cellular device of mass anxiety. 

The spider was blissfully crawling up the bathroom wall, in the top left corner of the bathroom was a hole in which I presumed it was making its way to. Suddenly, it stopped mere inches away from the dark escape. The hole seemed too small for this marvelous creature to snuggle into, but superman changes in a phone booth, therefore space is irrelevant. It was then that I witnessed the event.

I saw this little fly buzz their way towards the arachnid. My eyes lit up as I was about to play witness to one of nature’s most beautiful experiences. The fly crept closer to the spider and the anticipation made me shudder completely. As the crescendo came closer to the climax, I was at the end of my seat. the fly was basically on the spider’s leg, begging for the vampire to savagely drain its veins…

And… nothing!!!

The climactic beginning to an ordinary day did not occur. The spider simply shook the creature off them and began spinning a web. I was disappointed, hurt almost. Yet still fascinated. 

Why? Why did the fly not die? Why did the spider not capitalize upon the prey right before its eyes? was it not hungry? was the fly not it’s type?

As I wiped my bottom I inquired on so many scenarios as my mind does all the time. dazzled, yet confused at the sight I just witnessed. 

It makes you wonder, not everything that comes your way is for you to eat, some meals are best left alone for your better hygiene. 

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