Smooth Jazz

A poem about love

I want to listen to smooth jazz on a cold winter night and rub your feet to some wine,

 I want to caress your soul with the frivolous confides of mine and dig up the gems that shine a light so divine,

 I want to know the aches that plague your heart and help you heal them, 

then make love to your spirit as we reveal our darkest secrets in a chasm of passion

 that only we can find in the abyss of love,

 I want to consume you with ecstasy, 

and experience the glorious magic that comes when you trust me completely,

 because when you’re open with me I can show you the brilliance that you were missing this entire time.

 I want to write symphonies with you and fly across the seas of imagination,

 I want to be consumed by you in a fire so flagrant that we burn the forest down to start a new,

 I want you to become my muse.

i want to erode the walls of paradigms with corrosives with you so we can break molds only designed to

 confine our spirits in time, 

knowing that we were meant to fly, 

and ground ourselves for short bursts of moments before we take off once more

I don’t want to poison you with love,

 I want to be the antidote to all those toxic lovers that never knew what they took advantage of

 I want to let you know that all those before me were practice and that my actions

 are not distractions but pulses that propel you to your greatness

 I want to be your equal, 

and together, 

we face any evils that stand in our way. So I ask,

To be continued…

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