Fallen In Lust

Sometimes I think about your touch and my mind splinters into a rush,

The lush softness of your skin makes the liquids within the boil 

The electricity I feel when you grace my back with your fingertips 

And feel your hesitation in every digit

 that trickles through your pores into your fibers.

That’s when I know, 

That you feel the passion that I do, 

Lust is a drug that forces us to act on pure instinct,

Instinct that transforms into meticulous 

skin grabbing and lovemaking that 

shakes mountains and tears rain clouds in half

The mass of pure passion in this action places

 me into the abyss that makes me wonder 

about the very different things I can do with your body, 

Falling slowly but fast at the same time

Over and over the sublime feeling of your skin 

touching mine puts me into a 

purgatory I never wish to leave. 

It’s like fire that adapts to my body, and ice that I can slip Into. 

Every time we come in proximity our bodies shake, 

and the only stop when we clash and

 make music by soothing each other’s complicated mass. 

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