Protestors Storm The US capitol Building

I will preface anything said after this by stating that this demonstration is a direct reflection of the country we reside in. Yesterday on January 6th, 2021, Protestors Storm The US capitol Building during a congressional hearing. A protest and riot that resulted in thousands of trump supporters looting and vandalizing US sacred property. And only 4 people were confirmed to have died. Pictures surfaced of protestors looting and breaching rooms where congress members were conducting business. And little to no resistance was present to stop this evident terrorist attack on US soil. Protestors Storm The US capitol Building in one of America’s scariest moments.

As a young black man who has not only protested, but put his life on the line leading protests, this is a scary, yet not shocking turn of events.

Protestors Storm The US capitol Building

I’ve watched my companions get tear-gassed, beaten, and assaulted by law enforcement for marching in the streets. Countless times I’ve watched demonstrators met with deadly force and pushed back. I’ve been in the fires of protests where at any given moment a tipping point can turn a peaceful protest into chaos. I’ve felt the fear of losing someone or someone’s in the heat of the moment. Yesterday, that fear was but a distant star gazing at this very moment in awe. Thus, thousands of people, predominately white stormed one of America’s most significant buildings in protest to their president fairly losing an election. And there were no arrests in visual. there were no police assaulting civilians. There was no riot gear, rubber bullets, militarized police. Nothing. Therefore this was a direct presentation of the inequality in this country

I have friends who went to the million man march on August 28 of last year and met more resistance. I’ve never felt more exhausted and disgusted in this country than how I feel now. My people have been beaten for less than this. However, Trump supporters were able to peacefully protest and then viciously riot into the capital building. Not a Denny’s, not a museum, not a mall. No, The United States Capitol building and vandalize it. Therefore, presenting evidence to all those who witnessed the literal divide this country is in. If these were black lives matter protesters, it would be known as the greatest massacre in American history. The legitimate terror of that thought haunts me to this very moment. But, what makes it worse is that President Trump encouraged this ruthless and selfish behavior.

Understanding the conversation

There were moments during the movement this year where I feared for the safety of others. I think constantly as a leader that was my largest concern. “so many of us have perished under this country, please don’t let any more under my watch” I’d pray silently to myself. The terror of getting assaulted by police never frightened me. I was ready for the consequences in my fight for freedom.

I did fear for those that would follow the lead of others and myself, however. When reading Donald trump’s tweets, I saw no concern for human life at all. And when seeing the videos and pictures of these terrorists storm this godforsaken nation’s capitol building, I saw no regard for human life. I saw no fear, I saw of college students hurt that their team lost the NCAA championship. I witnessed privilege at its finest. Thus, they stormed the capitol with no regard for this country or its values.

Their anguish was the result of the man they elected president losing the election fairly. And yet they were obligated to attack democracy because they didn’t get their way. And their president sent them off to potential death ( there was no real threat from the visuals). Without a blink of an eye tossed away lives. This is their leadership, this is who they fight for. A man who sits behind his words and incites violence for personal gain. But, has no regard for their safety.

This is America. Land of the free white man and home of the white women who support them.

So you voted, what now?

This is the land of the pilgrim’s pride. Freedom rings only for those with privilege, and it rang all day yesterday, destroying our eardrums.


This is the time. This demonstration is as I said before, is a direct representation of our country and how it operates. Hence, This is a call to action, to anyone standing on the fence to understand that this country does not express the values of freedom and equality you may believe it too. We don’t all have the same freedoms. this year proved it to you, and it was on camera. the world witnessed the backward ideologies of America and how it protects one race and destroys another. And yet expects the ladder to be patient, to express grace in educating the other on this country’s flaws.

As someone who has protested and demonstrated, this is direct evidence of the two Americas we live in. There were nights where I couldn’t sleep. This is because I feared I’d wake up and someone else would die at the hands of this country’s vicious cycle of unjust violence against anyone not white. These protestors went to sleep satisfied that they made their stance. And that they were protected by the people who would beat us to the white meat had we committed the same act. Had we even reached the steps, there would be armored tanks prepared to spray us. Thus, there is no opinion to discuss here. This is because there is video evidence of this very scenario from months ago, from years ago.

This is Us

However, This is us, This is the America we live in. President-elect Joe Biden was quoted saying this isn’t us to paraphrase. Mr. President. Of course he would say that. News flash Mr. President. This is us, This is the “freedom” we are promised by the constitution. If it’s white, it’s right, if not, it’s cannon fodder.

staying motivated during a pandemic

Finally, we must be careful in these times. This can only get worse, please stay safe.

Thank you for your time.

By no means does this post wish to incite violence or any acts that would cause harm to anyone. This is a reflection on the current state of America. This is indeed, A representation how it treats its civilians based on the content of their skin. Yesterday we witnessed Protestors Storm The US capitol Building, and we watched how America treats its people differently.

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