Inception Call to Action


Does reality ever seem to be a peculiar concept? As if dreams and the world in which our conscious minds meet seem to be hard to differ from?  Like one can feel just as real as the other at times? Inception is a movie that seeks to answer those questions and more. Dreams at times seem just as real as reality at some points. Much like a dream of falling off a skyscraper and waking up on the floor off your bed. The subconscious can be just as real as the conscious, and inception seeks to determine if that’s true.

What’s your perception?

Take a dive deep into the subconscious. Do our dreams determine our reality? How can we know which is real or not? Inception takes you on a thrill ride in the search for the answer. Consciousness is determined by the realities we live in, the mind develops these realities from our subconscious as a result of the worlds we experience. Inception takes a look at this in depth, to determine if our realities are the truth, or the boxes we live in determining said truth. In a continuum that stretches the imagination to far off possibilities of what reality could be or is via a dream, Inception is a film that clashes with the fabric of existence constantly. 

A call to action

This is a call to action. As the reader, can you challenge your perceptions and the very beliefs you have? Ask yourself, is your reality based on truth? Or the beliefs you hold to be true? What makes them true in your perception? Challenge yourself to view this movie and embrace the intellectual nuances it delivers to you as you seek to understand your reality in relation to this movie’s concept.

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