You Did Well In 2020 Quarantine if…

If nothing, you survived that’s all…

2020 was a long year full of ups and downs as well as surviving death by COVID-19. The only thing we did well was survive this horrendous year that took so much from so many.

I’m not going to make a list of things that are designed to make you feel like you accomplished something in this dreadful climate. This is not a post designed to tell you you’re successful because you did something productive during a global pandemic.


You Did Well In 2020 Quarantine if… you are alive! We were all forced to stay inside because of an international health crisis that was poorly combatted. Thousands of people died or were displaced from work. YOU SURVIVED 2020. That should be the only accomplishment.

Writing My First Book

I spent the majority of this quarantine staring at my computer trying to see if 42 was the only answer to life while attempting to produce motivational writing and poetry. 

The worst part was I couldn’t find the mental strength to write as much as I could have. However, I wrote. That was my accomplishment for the year. I didn’t give up on my dream as a writer. I kept pushing.

Could I have done more? Of course, I could have always done more.

 However, I was more focused on whether I was going to survive the next day than if I got a piece out beforehand. This quarantine is something new to this generation. Literally, there’s possible a handful of people that have lived through this if any.

There is no real measuring stick for progress

you should be measuring your own progress in this new normal we’re living in.

We do not know what’s happening or when this will be over. The world slowed down. It’s okay if you didn’t open up a business, or didn’t buy a house, or didn’t find several streams of income to live a luxurious lifestyle. Literally, a lot of people are suffering. It is okay.

We are in a time where people are literally cringing in terror of another shutdown. If the world slows down take the time to visit family and breathe. We’ve spent so much time going. 

Pushing forward to achieve so many asinine achievements to appease people who truly couldn’t care less in the grand scheme of things. The only true lesson in this entire ordeal is that life is precious. We are finite and we need to enjoy the world around us.

A Miracle on Craig street

So, If you feel as though you didn’t accomplish anything this entire year, good because the reality is you accomplished the one thing so many people weren’t able to do. And that was surviving. We are literally surviving and that is the scariest feeling in the world as of now because before we were subconsciously doing it. Now, we have no choice but to do it consciously. It haunts us every day, everywhere. Having to wear masks everywhere, checking the news for updates. hoping the vaccine will work. This entire process is mortifying.

Accomplishments and blessings

Yes, In this shutdown people have taken advantage of being out of work. A lot of people have started businesses and begun to establish themselves. I myself am included in this demographic. However, This is not a race. This is not a path to believing you are meant to create something or build something during a global pandemic. Everyone is doing what they can to continue.

I’ve seen so many social media posts talking down on people with unemployment and their stimulus checks. 

Check this out. A lot of people are backed on rent, many may get evicted because their rent will be backed up and they won’t be able to afford it when this quarantine subsides. 

Not everyone can afford to start a business because they may have other miscellaneous bills to take care of. Yes, there are loopholes in everything. Yet, not everyone is meant to create a business or even wishes to make one. 

It’s okay if you didn’t invest in something this year. You survived. Literally.

Granted, I’ve done all of this, invested in stocks, started a business, sold products the whole nine. However, I have the financial security without the fear of eviction or loss of life at the moment. Yes, life is going on, yes COVID-19 doesn’t stop people, but it does stagger a lot of the world. And it’s perfectly fine if you aren’t moving with those that are.

The real goal in this time is to survive. To reflect, and appreciate our fragile existence and enjoy the gift of life we have. It’s imperative that we recognize this before we pressure people to do more.

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