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A story about local black entrepreneurship

Growing up I didn’t get to see many black creators. Especially from the place that I came. As a Creator this was disappointing. Because I didn’t have any real influence to aspire to or want to model my life around. Plus, I fell into (like many other people in my vicinity) the trap of going to school in assimilating into industrial capitalism. As a creator my whole life, this path destroyed my desire to do things.

Black Creators

I wasn’t one design for a 9-5 or to work as an industry worker. To be assigned and complete tasks by a corporation. I’m a creator, and Innovator, someone who worked at his own pace. I’m someone who created his own lane and was his own boss. So it was amazing for me to discover a creator in college that was closest to me.

On top of that, said creator looked like me had the same struggles as me. He created with the same ideas and passions that I had. A creator so close that I could call him at any given time for advice. This creative happens to be one of my mentors and my brother, his name is Demetrius Dowell. A black man that grew up in Cleveland Ohio, went to the Army and then studied School in Potsdam NY. Along the way, he created three LLCs

As a young 26-year-old black man this is something I aspire to be. To be my own boss, to be able to wake up when I want to and have my money work for me. Although I’m not big on capitalism, I do understand it’s necessary to survive in this world. And as a Creator, it is imperative for me to find people who live in that created space. As a black Creator, it is also imperative to see more black creators who come from where I come from, who look like me, who can have the same stories as I am and create new and better things.

Meet Demetrius Dowell

My inspiration is to be much like Demetrius, someone who just finds new avenues to make things. One of the funniest, most creative, most genuine people I’ve met in my life. And I met him at a time where I needed it the most. So, here is the story of DemetriusDowell and his business acumen, and why black business is such a beautiful thing at this moment in time.

I had the pleasure of being granted an opportunity to interview Demetrius on his creation. And I asked him several questions about his businesses. I will share with you a couple of answers images breakdown of why he’s so inspiring as a person aside from his business acumen. Living in this pandemic creation is at its all-time high especially with black women being at the forefront of this. This man was a black creator before the pandemic, owns three LLC’s and a shop, something that I see as unprecedented as a black person in this day in age.

His businesses

His three LLCs are run in three different states. They are Street Dreams Management LLC, Results through Motivation LLC, and Urban Flair outfitters. Street Dreams is based in Ohio, Demetrius’ home state. It is a business consulting company and the company he utilizes to “ bring the dream charity”. Results through Motivation LLC is out of New York. This business operates diversity training and writing. Urban Flair Outfitters is a sole proprietorship, and is a retail outlet.

Demetrius is inspired by experiencing sub-par service in areas that he resided in. Thus, he decided to create said services while capitalizing on the markets in the areas. He seeks out ideas in the service market, because of the influx of money in those spaces.

What they do : first business

Demetrius’ first business Street Dreams was established in 2007. In 2017, he founded his second business and his last in 2020 in which he incorporated.

He established his first business as a social entrepreneurship business. Demetrius saw a lack of sleepover camps for inner-city youth in his home state of Ohio. he noticed that there was difficulty in getting sponsorship and individuals to donate to this cause. Therefore, he used his knowledge of Human Resources Management and sold his services to businesses that couldn’t afford a dedicated H.R. professional. Most of his profits were utilized to send kids to sleepover camps.

What they do : second business

Demetrius’ second business was birthed from his time doing diversity work, motivational speaking, and writing. Demetrius had a voice he wished to bring to people and desired to do so without being told to “tone down” said voice. In his line of Diversity work, that was a tough task. This is because of the control institutions have when we work for them. Demetrius knew he could control his narrative and speak truth to power and those that worked for power with his own message. And so he established results through motivation. Now, he decides who he works with, not for, and who he wishes to pass on his message to.

What they do : third business

Demetrius’ last business venture is a clothing store that caters towards rural teens that desire a more “Urban Flair”. Thus the name is derived as Urban Flair Outfitters. They were initially located in a mall. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they had to revamp their market and how they do business. Now, adapting to the climate, They specialize in the t-shirt business. Its a great extra stream of income, and something that serves as a decent side hustle for him as this business designs team shirts, families, and funerals that are in need of specialized shirts.

New Ventures

At this moment in time, Demetrius is dedicating his efforts to create personal training and home fitness as well as healthy supplies. Adapting to the climate and having a passion for assisting people, Demetrius aims to put his foot into the fitness market. A market that has been decimated by the COVID-19 pandemic. This may be his most difficult venture due to the health requirements of different states, however, the risk/reward makes it all worth it in his eyes.

Black business and entrepreneurship is on the rise in these trying times. With the pandemic destroying jobs the market for creativity is rising every day. This man, Demetrius Dowell created a lane for himself a long time ago, and is only building upon what he already established. With a passionate will to help people in his own way and business savvy to adapt to different times, Demetrius reveals to us what black business truly looks like. There are local entrepreneurs all around us that inspire us each and every day. This is my inspiration, who is yours?

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  1. I enjoyed reading this! I think it is good to support other black creators and entrepreneurs. It is not an easy road for us. It is admirable that Demetrius has been able to accomplish so much!

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