National poetry month Day 1: What does Liberation look like to you?

Imperialism is a plague that spreads its Essance across the globe

Capitalism is the scourge that riddles the skies and blinds eyes with images of gold and green that force us to survive.

When in reality we really should thrive off bartering and community collective efforts.

Patriarchy and the desire to hold onto outdated ideals are pieces to a stinking onion.

We peel layer after layer of guilt, sacrifice,

and destruction of each other like monkeys in a barrel we sin

in order to win. Then create sins to keep others from thinking within themselves,

think that they deserve far better than these chains we call laws.

That were designed by flawed men seeking their own safety and reverence

The ever-looming prescience of capitalism lessens the growth for all bodies and black and brown ones?

Ohhh how short the end of the stick is and how extensive the hold that has been placed upon us.

A long time has come

And nothing new has been done.

Freeing myself from these chains that America claims to not exist with opportunities

to exploit my greatness drives me into a madness

that fastens my seatbelt as I drive myself insane thinking that someone who doesn’t see my pain, will ever think I need liberation.

To think that someone who benefits from this tattered building being held

together by gorilla glue that barely is refurbished and battered by acid

reigns of tyrannical hypocrites doing things in “freedoms” name.

How dare you force lady freedom to sing when you allow her sisters to be raped and slain.

How can you watch as people are being maimed and “tamed” like wild beasts on a safari excursion

Like look at the monkeys singing and dancing in the rain this whole thing is falling apart,

and something new has to take it’s place

But I wonder.

I wonder so much

When I take off the glue that binds this bad band of disgusting patriarchy off

I have to ask myself,

what does liberation look like to me?

To me it looks like a new world.

Where little black and brown boys and girls can enjoy the wonderful fruits of freedom

without being judged by the content of their skin.

To me, it looks like people working hand in hand,

building brighter futures and no one without shelter or water or having to pay for water.

To me it looks like cleaner oceans and old men and women not determining

our futures and cops not slaying us in the streets and no wages for people to eat, just everyone

eats, and no one starved and life isn’t hard and humble beginnings aren’t necessary

and the rich and the poor don’t have a gap larger than the Grand Canyon

and bombs stop dropping over innocent civilians and nuclear war is no longer a threat

and there is no patriarchal society that determines what it means for me to be a man, or woman,

or anything else under the sun.

Liberation looks to me like a dream that one day will come a reality

because this fallacy we’re living in,

can’t sustain us for too long

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