National Poetry Month Day 5

A poem by Jae Suki.

We are currently in Day 5 of national poetry month. We took a weekend hiatus for other reasons. However, Lucid Writers is still dropping poetry each day until the end of this month.!!! Starting us off on April 5th, is Jae Suki of Jae Suki Beauti. Sis came through and delivered a poem for us, check out the brilliance of wordplay from this amazing entrepreneur.

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The poem is listed below

There’s Too Many Black Men That Feel Like They Aren’t Enough 

Through All The Talent They Possess They’re Silenced By Doubt , 

A Complex To Prove To People Who Are On The Same Exact Level As Them That They Are Worthy To Be Accepted By Them 

Who Do We Blame For These Fragile Men ?

Who’d Rather Put Down A Book Of Enlightenment, To Pick Up A Glock Of Death 

Who Taught These Men That Being Dumb Is Cool & 

Being Smart Is Weak 

These Men Were Once Children Of Promise 

Guided To Their Demise 

Looked At As Enemies Through The Media’s Eyes 

Who Do We Blame For Fathers Missing In Their Lives 

Leaving Them Yarning For A Fatherly Guide 

Who Taught The Men That Taught The Children

That It Is Okay To Kill Your Brother For Material Things We Can All Attain , If You’d Just Kept Your Head In The Books Would There Have Been So Much Pain ? 

Do We Blame The Mothers For Not Having Control Or Understanding Of Her Sons Wants & Needs ? 

Or Do We Blame The Father Who’s Stuck In The Same Cycle And Same Beliefs? 

Do We Blame Society For Putting So Much Pressure On These Babies?  

Who Do We  Blame For The Death Of These Dreams ? 

-XoXo JaeSuki 😘

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