Why did I choose To publish 100 day challenge

Why did I choose to publish? Because I’m a writer, and people deserve to read my work. And my legacy should be solidified. Why Did I choose to Publish? because I can. Why Did I choose to publish? And because I want to be a successful writer.

 And because I want to. 

There are so many reasons as to why I chose to publish. And I stand by every one of them. I’m a writer at heart. I make complex ideas sound simple to people. I motivate people through my words. I relinquish dark thoughts swirling in my mind like Jupiter’s red spot constantly releasing gas into the darkness of space. This poetic mind battles itself constantly and writing is my outlet to save myself from myself. 

So, why not publish? I’ll tell you now. It isn’t an easy task mentally. Well for me at least. 

My publishing struggles

Imagine this scene. I mid-teens black male fresh out of college sitting on top of a gold mind of poems that could change minds. However, his confidence wanes because he doesn’t think his poems are that good. He hesitates because he doesn’t think the poems will sell. I was going through a whirlpool of despair and self-doubt. 

I was constantly editing. Hearing criticism from friends. You know the saying, don’t tell people your ideas they’ll ruin them? That was me. On top of that, I’m extremely indecisive. Therefore I experienced massive internal turmoil while going through this publishing process. I spent countless hours in my room at my mother’s house contemplating and confused. 

I went through months of doubt and confusion. Asking questions and pushing back my release date until one event occurred that catapulted my new writing career and journey. 

My grandmother made me publish

I had a conversation with my grandmother.

She’s an English teacher. Well, she’s retired now. However, she inspired me to publish. 

I asked my grandmother what I should do. I was confused and scared. I had edited my book so many times, I was tired of looking at the poems. I already had the second look for final edits. All that was left was to publish. But I continued to hesitate. That’s when the conversation with my grandmother occurred. My grandmother is the smartest person I know. She is the inspiration for me writing my first book. It was only right I get her opinion before I hit publish. 

100 days of writing a personal blog

My grandmother told me, that as an English teacher she goes over many books in preparation for the curriculum. There’s always a typo here or there. As a writer and a scared young man in the professional world, this eased my anxiety by 1000 to the 1000th power. When my grandmother told me this I felt a sense of nirvana. It was as if the universe had opened a wormhole for my and I flew into a new dimension. It was at that moment. I hit the publish button. The rest is history.

Why Did I choose to publish? 

Because I am that scared writer no believing that people will read my work. Because I am creating literary work. Something that seems farfetched and abstract in today’s world. This is especially prevalent in the environment I grew up in. reading in the hood isn’t the first thing people think of. But, still, I chose to publish. Because my grandmother gave me the knowledge that made me believe in myself. Even the greatest writers have typos. Some of the most successful books have mistakes.

 Nothing is perfect. That’s why I chose to hit that publish. Because my work is a reflection of the imperfect being I am. And the world needed to see that. 

It’s been over a year since I published my first collection of poems, I now have a second book out and am mapping out my third book for a 2022-2023 release. I’m a published author now.

What lessons are there?


Find an editor.

Reach out to a third party and have them edit your book. They won’t find every typo but the closest to perfect the best. No, it doesn’t need to be squeaky clean. But still, have someone look at it, even for critiques on fleshing out storylines or poems. Or even to help validate your work. My editor definitely gave me an extra boost of confidence when they gave back feedback.

 Map out a campaign especially if you’re self-publishing.

The one thing that I failed to do successfully with both my books was marketing and mapping out my campaign. Yes, you can still market your book after you publish it. However, I recommend you create a campaign and market your book as best as you can. Here are a couple of links to market self-published books. Remember, you’re on your own with selling these books. Therefore, selling them will be on you if you didn’t go through a publisher.


Give yourself time.

This is your work. Nobody else’s. You are the orchestrator and the conductor of this show. Give yourself time and grace. You hit the publish button when YOU want to. Not when anyone else wants you to.

 Believe in yourself. 

Believe in your work. You put the work in. You wrote the piece. You took the time to make it happen. To publish your work. Believe that people want to read what you wrote. Believe that people wish to invest in what you have to offer. And pursue it. You create the world you wish to have. Wish to believe that your literary work ( or whatever you’re creating is worth the look). If you don’t who will?

So that’s why I hit publish, what about you?

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