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This is an interesting question I’ve been asking myself for weeks. How to start a poetry blog? How Do I do so? I finally went and did the necessary research to do so.

Finally finding my own niche, motivational poetry, I began inquiring on how to start a blog for poetry. Finally, I found some answers and am going to share them with you today. Before I give you this information. I must say this. I’m just starting this journey myself. Therefore this will be an adventure for me and you. I started my blog in 2017. However, I didn’t find a niche until now. I’m doing a motivational poetry blog. Right now today I’m going to show you how to start a poetry blog and motivate you to do so!

First things first, Let’s go over the reasons as to why you wish to start your poetry blog. I’ll start with mine, I have three!

1. I love to write

Writing is my passion. I have written three poetry books. I started publishing in 2019. If you wish to start a poetry blog, I hope that you love to write and that you love poetry. Writing is something that I plan to make my main source of income some day and I hope that through this tutorial it can be yours as well.

2. I want to make money writing

This should be the first and ultimate goal. You are a writer, you are passionate about writing. Make money off your passion. Never short-change or limit yourself. If you play your cards right and follow this passion, you will make money writing. It’s not easy, but it is worth it in the long wrong. The ultimate goal of a blog is to make money off of it. Especially if you wish to maintain a blog.

3. Find an outlet to express myself and a center for people to know me.

I also sell my books on this site. I allow people access into my world. this is through shortcuts to my social media and other sites. It’s important for me as an entrepreneur and as a writer for people to see the transparency in my writing. I’m also preparing apparel, stay tuned for that. You may not want people to have that much access to you. That’s also fine.

What are your reasons for starting a poetry blog?

Now, onto the steps. below is a list of steps that will help you on how to start a poetry blog

Here are the steps!!!

Find a Niche and a name

This is paramount. finding a niche should be the first thing you want to do when starting a poetry blog. What is a niche? A niche is basically the theme or focus of your poetry blog. My niche is motivational poetry. I post blog posts about motivational poems. Writing my own motivational poems is also something I do. I also post how to’s like this blog post. you can stray away from your niche from time to time. However, It is very important to draft and design your niche before making your blog.

Then comes the naming process. It’s important that you find a name that fits you and your niche. Yes, my blog’s name is adonisinquiry. It is an interesting play on words, and it doesn’t necessarily fit my niche. However, this is because I didn’t start off as a poetry blog. A blog can still be successful without a name that pertains to your niche. However, it is highly recommended. Think of things like The poetry blog, or bloggingforpoetry. Look them up, see if they’re taken before you decide. you can check to see if your domain is available here if you’d like

Decide what content your blog will feature

You want to establish what it is that you wish to post and deliver to your audience. What are your readers checking out on this site? Decide hat content are you posting daily, weekly, monthly. What aesthetics are you placing in the design to capture readers attention? Do you want to add interviews and book reviews? These are important questions you want to ask yourself as you put together content for your blog. building the design in your head, or writing it down on paper will become an important instrument in designing your blog.

Find a website and domain server that fits your needs

By this I mean research different website builders that fit what you’re looking for. I run my blog through WordPress. There are many different website builders out there. Wix, Squarespace, GoDaddy are all viable options to begin your journey. It is important to explore these websites to see which one gives you the themes, schemes and designs that fit you and your niche.

Now’s a good time to find a domain server. for those of you that don’t know what a domain is here’s a definition. What’s a web domain? If you followed the first step and picked a name for your site, now you’re ready to make it a domain. It’s important that you research places to find domains and purchase them. Domains do cost, some offer monthly purchase others offer yearly purchases. However, If you want your website to be yours, you’re going to want to buy a domain. here is a link to buying a domain via Bluehost for starters.

Design your blog to fit a theme form for you

Now that you have found a domain, and a website builder, It’s time for you to design your website. WordPress offers great themes. Some are initially free, others are locked behind a paywall. Wix helps you design your site step by step and Squarespace offers the same features. This step helps you design the aesthetics you drafted in the previous step.

With the design down pat, Now you can implement imagery and create your world of poetry for people to see.

Create the necessary pages

Do you want pages that fit certain themes?

Like an interviews page, or a newsletter, or a shop or about page? Your blog can’t be one-dimensional and by adding pages you create layers to your blog that allow people to see more and more. It also organizes the blog effectively so that people can go directly to what they’re looking for. One page could be for your poems. Another for poetry book reviews. the list goes on.

Look at other blogs.

Research other poetry blogs and see what they’re doing. find aspects that you can add to your blog. Also, find aspects that people aren’t utilizing that you can utilize to make your blog unique. See how blogs operate, look at their designs. find ways to incorporate what you’ve learned and build upon them. Here is a list of poetry blogs to look at as well for inspiration

Start writing

Now that you’ve solidified your blog. It’s time to start writing. Make sure you have Grammarly to edit your misspelling. Look up SEO tools to create better quality blogs as well as bloggers who can help you with SEO tools through YouTube and google searches. Write until your heart’s content and build your confidence on your website!

Create a consistent schedule

I was told the recommended frequency of blog posts should be once a week. It’s important to create for yourself a consistent schedule for you to follow when creating blog posts. posts are tedious work at times. With creating the post, promotions, and SEO backend work, it’s important that you draft and schedule your posts so that you don’t overwork yourself. You can do two a week, or once a week, it’s all dependent on you and how often you wish to push content! Be efficient and effective!

Promote your blog consistently

Add hyperlinks through social media. Post your blogs on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Promotion is key. always set aside some time to promote your blog and blog posts. You want to get the most out of your blogs so this is important!!!

good luck! Now that you have implemented the steps and have your site. Good luck to you and your endeavors. Leave a comment and critique me. Also, tell me when you start a poetry blog!

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