Book Reviews: The Wizenard Series Season 1

We all know Kobe Bryant the basketball player. How many of us knew Kobe Bryant was also a writer. Shortly after retiring in 2016, delete Kobe Bryant began his career as a writer and establish a Publishing Company. Having recently obtained several of his books, I fell in love with a great story that gravitated to me mainly cuz I related did to it. Here is my review of The Wizenard series season one. I really think you should grab it it’s a good read.

The Book

Step into the brilliant mind of Kobe Bryant as we explore the magical world of Grana and experience a young man named Reggie face the trials and tribulations of hard work and dedication. The Wizenard Series season One, created by Kobe Bryant and written by Wesley King, is a miraculous story of a young man named Reginald Mathers as he explores his inner greatness through a plethora of trials and tribulations. Thus, creating a compelling story of chasing glory and dreams.

The Wizenard Series season One introduces readers to the magical world of Grana. Grana is an enchanted force that controls everything in this universe. At times it helps us, at times it deflects us. In Reggie’s story, it is a conduit for his success that he initially believes to work against him. That, and everything else around him that tests him. Also, Reggie is tested by his coach Rolaby Wizenard, and also his own self-doubt. This amazing book delivers to readers the secrets of hard work and the beautiful results that come from it. The plot centers around this idea. Reggie must conquer grana and his own self-doubt through practice and learning to believe in himself. The people around him give him confidence in various different ways and they all become integral pieces to his overall journey. 

The Journey

  The Wizenard Series season one reveals how greatness tests you. Thus, It shows you how strong you become when you put in the dedication, and the hours necessary to become great. It does this through the miraculous story of a  young boy from “the bottom” rising to the top of his basketball ranks in his high school. Kobe Bryant fully utilizes his basketball knowledge and transforms it into a story any reader will enjoy.

This is a wonderful story that creates a magical world for readers to explore and understand what it takes to leave out your dreams. In a nutshell think of Harry Potter meets basketball. Take a trip into the wonderful world of Grana and explore the enchanting adventures that Reggie explores. Experience a young man learn, grow and create for himself. Witness the people around him root for him, experience him, and rebound off his inner greatness. Witness as he combats the gravity of his own mind and the forces of Grana fighting against him to become a great basketball player. 


 The ups and downs that Reggie faces in this book can be relatable to anybody’s story, not just in the realms basketball. For anyone chasing a dream. This story is for anyone seeking to obtain a goal. This story will teach you, as well as give you the tools necessary to become great. However, It will make you cry, it will make you laugh, you will become part of Reggie’s Journey. You’ll see everything that it takes, every emotion that you can think of comes from this book. The sadness, the glory, The joy, the rage, the exhaustion, the happiness.

Join Reggie in this adventure and face the greatest opponent anyone has ever faced,  the one in the mirror.  This story follows the extraordinary tale of The Wizenard Series Training Camp, one of Kobe Bryant’s other best-selling books. It is one in a series of books that follows a story of a tale of breakthrough and inner greatness. 

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