Poetry Book Review: The Library By Kayla Boyd

What does your Library Look Like?

Here at Adonis inquiry we are starting a new segment. Poetry reviews. Todays Poetry Book Review: The Library By Kayla Boyd. enjoy!!!

The Library is a collection of poems that takes you on a journey through love, in all of its facets. Kayla Boyd, the author, writes a short, sweet, and inviting collection of words that will send chills down your spine every time.

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Step into the mind of Kayla Boyd, a self-published first-time author, and an elegant poet. Here, at the library, you will traverse through three sections of poems. these are Love, Denial, and Revelation. These three sections break up the book as if they were isles in a personal library. This idea and concept is refreshing and creative. Thus, making the experience even more worthwhile. Each section has a great collection of riveting poems that will surely bring you to tears. Kayla delivers a very humane experience, as we see the world of love and life through her eyes.

” my books are my emotions, my library is my mind”.

Contents and poems

Even though the book is short with roughly 50 pages. Each page has significant value to display. Be it a tear-jerker of a poem. Or even a visual for a poem. The library makes the most out of every page. The size of the book also gives you the ability to read each word without struggle. Thus, making the book even better to love and appreciate. The contents of this book contain an array of poems that reveal so much of a powerful mind. The book even implores others to explore their own ” libraries”. In the end when the author pops the question, “What does your Library Look Like? “

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To anyone struggling with mental health. If anyone is dealing with love loss, or growth, This is a call to action to check this book out.


Utopia is a great poem found within the Denial section. here is a stanza from it that stood out to the the most.

He was an encyclopedia if I do say, full of wonder
I couldn’t keep my eyes off him,
Soon, he became the only book I wanted to touch
In fact, he became my favorite

To Love and Care is another favorite. This poem has a unique trick about it that makes it deep and powerful.

You can find the Library here on amazon :

The Library

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