Writing Samples

Belly up sports Stories:

Legacies are at Stake as the Suns take on the Clippers in the WCF Game 3

Kevin Porter Jr makes History, Scoring 50 points, and 11 assists

Medium Writing samples:

My Writing Journey So Far. How far I’ve come, and how I made the… | by Adonis Richards | ILLUMINATION | Jun, 2021

Three Things You Can Chase Instead of Rejection From Others

What Watching Too Many Space Videos Does To You

100 days of writing day 3. Dealing with Anxiety as a Black Man in this Current Society. Part one.

Stop countering “Black Lives Matter” with “Black on Black Crime”

Analyzing Murals In my City: Schenectady | by Adonis Richards | ILLUMINATION | May, 2021

Adonisinquiry.com samples

How to Start a Poetry Blog

Book Reviews: The Wizenard Series Season 1

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