Journeys Part 3

We all face it

Those moments that make smile

When it’s your turn

When you can finally see all the dedication

turn into tangible results

When opportunity meets preparation 

And those long nights crying in the dark because

your failures and shortcomings keep mounting are

now tears of joy because you’re in the moment you

visualized when you started this journey.

We all embrace it.

Those moments of solace that makes

us feel like yes.

This is what I deserve

From the lowest of lows to the highest form

Of nirvana to the pout.

That when you’re in that moment

nothing else matters

The noise drowns,

the doubt dissipates,

the fear

rots away and the joy rides up through every fiber

in your body and that excellence.

That passion that performance,

it all flies out into the world

Oh how inspiring those moments are. 

Oh how the story unfolds in your narrative and the

you that you saw becomes your reflection and the

world sees and now, those moments, stuck

In that corner, sitting with yourself are no longer

fitted with frowns no they are drowned out with a

smile as you sit back and watch that goal met

better than you imagined

Yes, we live for those moments.

On those stages,

Where you show yourself, what you’re capable of.

Its reaching the destination,

that makes the journey,

so worth it to enjoy

To live, 

To be. 

It’s embracing those moments.

The falls 

The cuts,

the scratches,

the misses,

the losses that make the wins feel so gratifying. 

It’s the journey,

that makes the destination

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