What Is Black August

I’ve spent my whole life learning, living, and being black history. Every year, I’ve celebrated black history month. I’ve loved it, I’ve loathed it for a myriad of reasons. As I’ve gone throughout my 26 years of life in black history, only recently have I learned about Black August. What is Black August? Black August is a celebration of revolution. Black August is a recognition … Continue reading What Is Black August

You Did Well In 2020 Quarantine if…

If nothing, you survived that’s all… 2020 was a long year full of ups and downs as well as surviving death by COVID-19. The only thing we did well was survive this horrendous year that took so much from so many. I’m not going to make a list of things that are designed to make you feel like you accomplished something in this dreadful climate. … Continue reading You Did Well In 2020 Quarantine if…

Crashing into life Pt.1

A conversation about me crashing based off my own anxiety A conversation about me crashing based on my own anxiety I’m never at ease, always in a hurry, anxious, uptight almost. Consistently thinking and at times that thought process can cause crashes almost instantly. I’m speaking figuratively and literally. At times I crash because of my overthinking. My mind can rush into a daze that … Continue reading Crashing into life Pt.1

Staying Motivated During a Pandemic

We’re legitimately living in a historic space. A global pandemic is upon us and it has completely slowed down our world to almost a standstill. For months, we’ve been cooped up into the house, and have been given small liberties and possibilities to go out to functions. This year has brought us much sadness, confusion, fear, and death. For there to be any form of … Continue reading Staying Motivated During a Pandemic

I’ve never cried this much

I want to start by saying I’ve always been a sensitive man.    Growing up I was always considered “a crybaby” I cried a lot going up. I was very in tune with my emotions and I wasn’t afraid to let them out. I recall getting kicked out of class in sixth grade because I couldn’t sing pokemon songs. I cried like someone died, it … Continue reading I’ve never cried this much

Mitigating Revolutionary Trauma

The past few months have been heavy on the hearts of many. Starting in mid-March, we entered quarantine. Being stuck inside forced us to incubate in confusion, fear, and uncertainty for months. A new normal was on the horizon and we were all seeking for an answer as to what it would look like. Everything we were living for would look altered, except for one … Continue reading Mitigating Revolutionary Trauma

Black AmeriKKKa

A poem critiquing the theft of black America, and a tribute to the late Pop Smoke Featured Image credit : REUTERS/Darren Ornitz They love the way that we dance… And they love the way that we move… And they love the way that we rock… And they love all the shit that we do… And when we perform for them… Yeah they’re Finn’ clap for … Continue reading Black AmeriKKKa

The Thrill of Writing History as it occurs

Thrill is a two way street The great poet Rick Ross once said, “ Right now I could re-write history. I stopped writing so f**k it I’ll do it mentally.” Those words ring like the liberty bell on an early morning, I can’t stop hearing them. The ability to make history with my writing, but the incapability of putting thought to paper. Therefore, I keep … Continue reading The Thrill of Writing History as it occurs

My First Time Performing Poetry

I remember the sheer cold silence in the room as I stared into the darkness in front of me off that stage. It came after a hailstorm of cheers, an affection I didn’t think was possible. I spent a long time thinking about this moment, and when It came I was more shocked than ever before. It was like a fantasy, and I loved the … Continue reading My First Time Performing Poetry