What Is Black August

I’ve spent my whole life learning, living, and being black history. Every year, I’ve celebrated black history month. I’ve loved it, I’ve loathed it for a myriad of reasons. As I’ve gone throughout my 26 years of life in black history, only recently have I learned about Black August. What is Black August? Black August is a celebration of revolution. Black August is a recognition … Continue reading What Is Black August

You Did Well In 2020 Quarantine if…

If nothing, you survived that’s all… 2020 was a long year full of ups and downs as well as surviving death by COVID-19. The only thing we did well was survive this horrendous year that took so much from so many. I’m not going to make a list of things that are designed to make you feel like you accomplished something in this dreadful climate. … Continue reading You Did Well In 2020 Quarantine if…

The Versatility of Men’s Turtlenecks

A men’s guide to fashion and Lifestyle. Gentlemen! are you seeking a new style? Clothes just aren’t doing it for you? Here we are going to introduce you to The Versatility of men’s Turtlenecks. A stylish and adaptable article of men’s wear to add to your wardrobe. It’s clean and simple, delivers a professional look as well. Why a turtle neck? Why not a turtle … Continue reading The Versatility of Men’s Turtlenecks

A Miracle on Craig street

A discussion with Rae Frasier on her artwork at the Carver Community Center I sat down recently with Schenectady’s own Rae Frasier. You know, the owner of Art Money? The artist who has been dazzling our timelines with designs that blow our minds? Yeah, that Rae Frasier. the swaggy artist who is one of the brilliant minds behind The Miracle on Craig Street. A miracle … Continue reading A Miracle on Craig street

So now you voted… now What?

All year I’ve witnessed people discuss voting and its importance. And all year I’ve rolled my eyes. Watching the millions of social media posts and commercials about how imperative voting is this year and how not voting is “voting as well”. The conversation of the “lesser of two evils”. and the overarching cataclysm that has been this two-party dominated system under the succubus of capitalism. … Continue reading So now you voted… now What?

Staying Motivated During a Pandemic

We’re legitimately living in a historic space. A global pandemic is upon us and it has completely slowed down our world to almost a standstill. For months, we’ve been cooped up into the house, and have been given small liberties and possibilities to go out to functions. This year has brought us much sadness, confusion, fear, and death. For there to be any form of … Continue reading Staying Motivated During a Pandemic

Today…In Black History

Black history is a history deeply rooted in the tree of American history. Through the scores of time, black history has been often hidden and thus forgotten as time goes on. Here on this post, we highlight the often forgotten history in the pages of Us papyrus. This Is.. today, In Black History October 25th On this day, in 1982, L.f. Brown patents the Bridle … Continue reading Today…In Black History

I’ve never cried this much

I want to start by saying I’ve always been a sensitive man.    Growing up I was always considered “a crybaby” I cried a lot going up. I was very in tune with my emotions and I wasn’t afraid to let them out. I recall getting kicked out of class in sixth grade because I couldn’t sing pokemon songs. I cried like someone died, it … Continue reading I’ve never cried this much

A conversation with Ike Sheppard: Rising Stars

  A conversation with a young budding basketball star from the Schenectady Area Our youth hold the world in their hands. They are growing, learning, and becoming right before our eyes, and their stories hold some of the most weight in our neighborhoods because of the fact that they wield the future of our communities in their hands. For many of them in our communities, … Continue reading A conversation with Ike Sheppard: Rising Stars