Writing my first book

A discussion on how I wrote my first book. I remember the feelings of doubt creeping in. the constant fear of my words not resonating with others or even connecting in anyway shape or form. I remember hearing the whispers of what I should be doing in selling and promoting my book. They were all

A Miracle on Craig street

A discussion with Rae Frasier on her artwork at the Carver Community Center I sat down recently with Schenectady’s own Rae Frasier. You know, the owner of Art Money? The artist who has been dazzling our timelines with designs that blow our minds? Yeah, that Rae Frasier. the swaggy artist who is one of the

Today…In Black History

Black history is a history deeply rooted in the tree of American history. Through the scores of time, black history has been often hidden and thus forgotten as time goes on. Here on this post, we highlight the often forgotten history in the pages of Us papyrus. This Is.. today, In Black History October 25th