Who will you be in this crisis?

The sweat from uncertainty runs down several soldier’s face as they prepare to meet their fate. Looking around at each other during a chilling early morning on June 6th, they wait as the tanker carries them through the ocean on to the shore. There’s an eerie silence challenging their psyche’s as panic and anxiety begin


Fear liquidates through the psyche and infuses itself within our minds, decimating rationality within an instant. Shredding any sentiments of desire to realize, That fear feels like pressure condensing your head and testing your ability to navigate through the challenge in front of you. We quiver in fear when the unknown is presented to us.

Entrepreneur Night out Creates a Wonderful Networking Opportunity for Schenectady’s Young and Old

On a breezy night during the celebratory month of black excellence and history, a wonderful workshop is occurring in downtown Schenectady. William Rivas is sitting at the front desk of Urban Co-works at 433 State street on the 4th floor, graciously waiting for guests to arrive at this magical event. Cracking a million-dollar smile as

Doubt. Pt2

I can feel it creeping in… That darkness, the pure form of doubt I can feel it scratching at the walls of this layered house  I designed to keep it out, but the Clouds of doubt block the sun  And are creeping through every crevasse  Attempting to shroud my thoughts with pain and suffering Planning