Dispersing Thoughts

Sweet requiems that serenade ears  become eerie screeches from sirens  filled with tears when dreams and fantasies  become tainted with everyone else’s fears Our eyes become blinded by the singing of other’s concepts  that plague our mind-frames into believing  that what we wished for isn’t a complete idea And instead of steering our own ship

Sundry Fragments

Sundry fragments The sundry fragments of my soul are splattered across the globe in search of new Ways to become bold, brave, and no longer afraid Staring in a rage as I blame the world for my soul being in disarray attempting to discover my place in this paradigm controlled by dissonance Sundry fragments sprinkle

Spring of Corona

I stepped outside today, Felt the fresh early spring as I ran, The birds were serenading to the world, She was listening, However, Our world was silent. No sirens, No people. I took the liberty of running without music, to hear the sweet melodies of my world, and one sound was missing. The bustle of

A letter to my father in Poetry

Father and son, Rob Marmion / Shutterstock.com Dear dad, I wonder if you have pictures of me, and reminisce on the times we used to play basketball in the park, Do you remember playing your PlayStation basketball game? and me watching right next to you trying to learn the controls, and getting frustrated that I


Fear liquidates through the psyche and infuses itself within our minds, decimating rationality within an instant. Shredding any sentiments of desire to realize, That fear feels like pressure condensing your head and testing your ability to navigate through the challenge in front of you. We quiver in fear when the unknown is presented to us.

Black love

Love from the root, all the way to the treetop. The very feeling of Black love is in its core a natural phenomenon. The dedication to one another to grow, the need to fight oppression, the need to create, to love, to live, to learn There is something about black love that is so massive,