The other side. Is bright, And enriched with life.  The cataclysm made yesterday has wisped away, and the darkness that used to harness your life is no longer causing you strife. The light, it is coming faster and faster. Every moment you move forward you break the cycles that used to break you. Every passing second feels like a shedding of skin, like a caterpillar … Continue reading Bright

Black AmeriKKKa

A poem critiquing the theft of black America, and a tribute to the late Pop Smoke Featured Image credit : REUTERS/Darren Ornitz They love the way that we dance… And they love the way that we move… And they love the way that we rock… And they love all the shit that we do… And when we perform for them… Yeah they’re Finn’ clap for … Continue reading Black AmeriKKKa

Dispersing Thoughts

Sweet requiems that serenade ears  become eerie screeches from sirens  filled with tears when dreams and fantasies  become tainted with everyone else’s fears Our eyes become blinded by the singing of other’s concepts  that plague our mind-frames into believing  that what we wished for isn’t a complete idea And instead of steering our own ship through the paths,  we paved for ourselves  we end up … Continue reading Dispersing Thoughts

Sundry Fragments

Sundry fragments The sundry fragments of my soul are splattered across the globe in search of new Ways to become bold, brave, and no longer afraid Staring in a rage as I blame the world for my soul being in disarray attempting to discover my place in this paradigm controlled by dissonance Sundry fragments sprinkle into the atmosphere challenging the heights they can go to … Continue reading Sundry Fragments