A letter to my father in Poetry

Father and son, Rob Marmion / Shutterstock.com Dear dad, I wonder if you have pictures of me, and reminisce on the times we used to play basketball in the park, Do you remember playing your PlayStation basketball game? and me watching right next to you trying to learn the controls, and getting frustrated that I didn’t understand You being a man took the time to … Continue reading A letter to my father in Poetry


Fear liquidates through the psyche and infuses itself within our minds, decimating rationality within an instant. Shredding any sentiments of desire to realize, That fear feels like pressure condensing your head and testing your ability to navigate through the challenge in front of you. We quiver in fear when the unknown is presented to us. The anxiety rises and the sight of what’s next runs … Continue reading Fear

A hopeless creative

I’m a hopeless creative because when I think that I’ve made it  I’m reminded by the world that I haven’t changed shit I’m a hopeless creative because when I get stuck in this mayhem  The universe aligns perfectly and spits out my new initiative I’m a hopeless creative because I can generate thoughts That birth love from hatred However, I somehow can’t mass produce this … Continue reading A hopeless creative


I have a healing relationship with losing It’s funny right? The concept of having a good relationship with losing? Who does that? Most people hate losing, They hate the feeling They despise feeling like they hadn’t accomplished something Me, I’m a contrary nigga Losses an I are best friends We play, we chill, we know each other’s secrets Losing knows me inside and out They … Continue reading Losses