So now you voted… now What?

All year I’ve witnessed people discuss voting and its importance. And all year I’ve rolled my eyes. Watching the millions of social media posts and commercials about how imperative voting is this year and how not voting is “voting as well”. The conversation of the “lesser of two evils”. and the overarching cataclysm that has been this two-party dominated system under the succubus of capitalism. … Continue reading So now you voted… now What?

Mitigating Revolutionary Trauma

The past few months have been heavy on the hearts of many. Starting in mid-March, we entered quarantine. Being stuck inside forced us to incubate in confusion, fear, and uncertainty for months. A new normal was on the horizon and we were all seeking for an answer as to what it would look like. Everything we were living for would look altered, except for one … Continue reading Mitigating Revolutionary Trauma

Wealth Club delivers its 1000th Pizza

What started off as a means to assist the Schenectady community during a pandemic and crisis, has quickly evolved into its own movement. Pizza for the people, which begin roughly 10 weeks ago in the midst of an uncertain time has recently served its 1000th  Pizza. as of Wednesday, May 13th, the Wealth Club distributed there 1000th pizza box to the Capital District area including … Continue reading Wealth Club delivers its 1000th Pizza

Black AmeriKKKa

A poem critiquing the theft of black America, and a tribute to the late Pop Smoke Featured Image credit : REUTERS/Darren Ornitz They love the way that we dance… And they love the way that we move… And they love the way that we rock… And they love all the shit that we do… And when we perform for them… Yeah they’re Finn’ clap for … Continue reading Black AmeriKKKa

All of Us Demonstrates in an Unprecedented Desire to Freeze Rent

Activists congregate at City hall to get Mayor McCarthy to freeze rent There was an eerie silence on a bright Friday evening in Schenectady. What would usually be a bustling town brimming with people and commerce around city hall was a scene in a wild west movie. If there were a tumbleweed in Schenectady it would have a field day downtown. Quarantine has sucked the … Continue reading All of Us Demonstrates in an Unprecedented Desire to Freeze Rent

The Time I realized I needed to grow up

I’ve been often considered as a grown ass kid. People are always saying I act like a child, that occasionally I give off immature characteristics. This counteracts with my own mature persona. Personally, I believe everyone has a little immaturity in them, it really depends on people’s threshold’s for maturity in which they describe other’s actions as mature or not. With that being said I … Continue reading The Time I realized I needed to grow up


Fear liquidates through the psyche and infuses itself within our minds, decimating rationality within an instant. Shredding any sentiments of desire to realize, That fear feels like pressure condensing your head and testing your ability to navigate through the challenge in front of you. We quiver in fear when the unknown is presented to us. The anxiety rises and the sight of what’s next runs … Continue reading Fear

Thank you Dr King

Thank you, For shedding light in the darkest times, For running towards the gates of hate Knowing the love you brought could be devoured by its pain Thank you, for being the vanguard of justice For dreaming of greater pastures, And setting the stones meant to lead to The path of their conjuring Thank you, for consuming the darkest of lies, And blinding them in … Continue reading Thank you Dr King