A conversation with Ike Sheppard: Rising Stars

  A conversation with a young budding basketball star from the Schenectady Area Our youth hold the world in their hands. They are growing, learning, and becoming right before our eyes, and their stories hold some of the most weight in our neighborhoods because of the fact that they wield the future of our communities in their hands. For many of them in our communities, … Continue reading A conversation with Ike Sheppard: Rising Stars

Reminiscing on Kobe Bryant

My first memories of Kobe Bryant happened to be with my father. Kobe was his favorite player. I remember regular Saturdays and weekday evenings where I would sit with him during his free time and watch him play his NBA game on his PlayStation. These were possibly the most momentous times of my early life. I couldn’t tell you the exact game it was, but … Continue reading Reminiscing on Kobe Bryant

WNBA Players Receive an Increase in Salary

A new CBA agreement has borne fruitful results for the ladies of the WNBA. all we can say is it’s about damn time. New salaries are said to reach six figures, a sharp increase in salaries. This package also is said to have maternity leave bonuses as well. The sun is shining on the WNBA finally. Players are now said to receive a 53% increase … Continue reading WNBA Players Receive an Increase in Salary

Load Management, a Message to The Blue Collar

It’s the dawn of unsuspecting weekday, you’re going about your regular routine. Nothing particular occurs until you hear the headline: Kawhi Leonard sits out for another game to load manage. You think to yourself, load manage? How do you get paid millions to “load manage”. Aren’t you a professional athlete? Don’t you have the best doctors in the world? Why are you sitting out if … Continue reading Load Management, a Message to The Blue Collar

NBA investigates Kawhi’s uncle’s requests

featured image credit to clutchpoints We all are learning more and more about Kawhi Leonard each and every day. The best way to learn about this enigma of a man is to understand the inner workings of he and his family. By family, I mean his Uncle Dennis. Kawhi’s uncle Dennis has been in the media since Kawhi’s request to leave San Antonio a couple … Continue reading NBA investigates Kawhi’s uncle’s requests

Remembering Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf

 featured image credit to Joe Mahoney The outcry of the oppressed is a shriek contained in a box where sound doesn’t bounce around and ring into the ears of its containers. No, It is more of an annoyance that only causes them to silence their prey in a moment’s notice. As fast as possible. Without hesitation. The screams of the hurt will only sound like … Continue reading Remembering Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf

Mike Vs LeBron the social debate

featured image credit to CC The Ringer illustrations 2.0 Michael was smooth, Class personified, never rattled. LeBron was loud, expressive and always prepared to say what’s on his mind. Two kings who reigned differently. Both intellectuals. Both black men who held sheer dominance on and off the court. Two men who will be compared to each other till the end of time. One is the … Continue reading Mike Vs LeBron the social debate

We Still Love you, Mike Vick

CC Image via Getty/Bob Levey 2.0 I remember it like it was yesterday. David Banner one of my idols, raising go old Atlanta Falcons Michael Vick jersey into the air ,screaming “we still love you, Mike Vick.” “Banner concludes his speech by hollering, “If the Falcons don’t love him no more, we still love you”, then triumphantly holds up a Michael Vick jersey while the … Continue reading We Still Love you, Mike Vick