Smooth Jazz

A poem about love I want to listen to smooth jazz on a cold winter night and rub your feet to some wine,  I want to caress your soul with the frivolous confides of mine and dig up the gems that shine a light so divine,  I want to know the aches that plague your

So now you voted… now What?

All year I’ve witnessed people discuss voting and its importance. And all year I’ve rolled my eyes. Watching the millions of social media posts and commercials about how imperative voting is this year and how not voting is “voting as well”. The conversation of the “lesser of two evils”. and the overarching cataclysm that has

Today…In Black History

Black history is a history deeply rooted in the tree of American history. Through the scores of time, black history has been often hidden and thus forgotten as time goes on. Here on this post, we highlight the often forgotten history in the pages of Us papyrus. This Is.. today, In Black History October 25th

Why Failure is a Beautiful Thing

Haven’t you heard all the stories about failure? Don’t you fear failing? Fear being seen as a failure? Afraid to make mistakes? To take risks because of how others will perceive you? Failure, it’s a powerful word.  Failure stinks like a bag of sweaty gym clothes that you left in your trunk and forgot about Eventually,