Dear Kobe Bryant

A letter to the late Kobe Bryant Dear Kobe Bryant You weren’t my favorite player growing up. However, it was you who introduced me to basketball. I grew up a Michael Jordan fan, who you idolized, and mirrored. Dwayne Wade got me into the sport, who you mentored, and battled with. I remember watching those

Fallen In Lust

Sometimes I think about your touch and my mind splinters into a rush, The lush softness of your skin makes the liquids within the boil  The electricity I feel when you grace my back with your fingertips  And feel your hesitation in every digit  that trickles through your pores into your fibers. That’s when I

Why Failure is a Beautiful Thing

Haven’t you heard all the stories about failure? Don’t you fear failing? Fear being seen as a failure? Afraid to make mistakes? To take risks because of how others will perceive you? Failure, it’s a powerful word.  Failure stinks like a bag of sweaty gym clothes that you left in your trunk and forgot about Eventually,