A poem for Duane Todman

Written by Kareem Ture and Adonis Richards They say life!…… Ain’t about duration it’s about the donation you make to it for the next generation…. To inspire, need I remind ya…. At this time energy never dies it multiplies…… Transfers, I transform like metamorph to talk the course of this Black creators legacy as he

We Impact Us

Taking the reigns of our own destiny has been a conversation that has lingered for centuries. In a country that has continuously taken our opportunities and sabotaged our growth, forcing us to divide and methodically tearing us apart at every turn, A group vows to change that zeitgeist. how is this done? through the collection

Leadership Spotlight: Kareem Ture

This is a segment on adonis Inquiry dedicated to highlighting individuals within the 518 community that lead, create, organize, or do anything for the betterment for their community. today’s spotlight is on my good brother Kareem Ture. Kareem Ture is an independent spoken word poet born in Bridgeport Connecticut and raised in the Brooklyn borough

All of Us, BLX shut down Bumpy’s

What does unity look like? It looks like several organizations coming together to collectively shut down a business due to its problematic beliefs. How is that done? It’s was accomplished by the combination of several organizations within the 518, led by All of Us and BLX. Yesterday, the community of Schenectady collectively demonstrated outside of

The Fires of the Revolution

The fires of revolution burn bright. The flames are carried by the candle of hope as it attempts to light the path through the dark hallways of oppression. At one point the candle seemed to have dimmed its fire in consequence to all of the systemic brutality that blights the black community.  However, after 8