Crossing the Stage

My best friend was supposed to walk the stage in a couple of weeks. A friend of mine were planning to visit him, and watch him ascend to the glory of black education. He was supposed to receive his masters degree from Cornell University, shake hands with the president and wave to the crowd with

Loaded bases

Loaded bases- Loaded bases that’s my motivationSwinging for the fences no hesitationTryna free my people from this desperationAnd show these niggas some new imaginationSo I step to the mound without resignationAnd claim my place in history as the greatest playingNo room for doubt gotta get my homies to safetyForget the clout ain’t got time for

Resident Evil 3 Remake review

Warning, spoilers For years we speculated what it would be like to walk the cold, devastated halls, corridors, and streets of a ravaged Raccoon City. For so long we fantasize about seeing realistic looking zombies in environments like outside Alleyways or indoor museums. We Salivated at the idea,  and we got it in last year’s