Mike Vs LeBron the social debate

featured image credit to CC The Ringer illustrations 2.0 Michael was smooth, Class personified, never rattled. LeBron was loud, expressive and always prepared to say what’s on his mind. Two kings who reigned differently. Both intellectuals. Both black men who held sheer dominance on and off the court. Two men who will be compared to each other till the end of time. One is the … Continue reading Mike Vs LeBron the social debate

When They See Us Now review

The final episode of the telling tale of the exonerated five was beautifully placed together in the 1-hour special titled When They See Us Now. This was a conversation moderated by Oprah herself, and only she could have orchestrated this episode. In this episode, we witness a conversation with the cast and producers of When They See Us. As well as the Exonerated Five themselves. … Continue reading When They See Us Now review